What to Expect On Day of Surgery

Our surgeon currently operates at Bendigo Day Surgery and St John of God, Bendigo.

You will be provided with information on how you will be admitted to both these facilities the day your surgery is booked. Please note that all accounts must be settled prior to the day of surgery – please contact our receptionist if this is going to be a problem.

There are a few other requirements on the day of surgery:

  • No make-up is to be worn on the day of surgery – including lipstick, foundation, nail polish and eyeliner.
  • No jewelry is to be worn on the day of surgery – if you have jewelry that is difficult or impossible to take off, please notify your surgeon.
  • If you have long hair, wash your hair the night before surgery and tie it back in a pony tail if possible (please do not braid your hair).
  • You will be advised regarding your fasting instructions at the time your surgery is booked.
  • Please ensure that you nominate at least one family member, carer or close friend to be your point of contact on the day of the procedure. Our staff will liaise with this person about your progress throughout the day.