'Plastic Surgery Holidays'

There are a number of overseas options for Australian residents seeking cosmetic surgery. One of the most popular options seems to be combining an overseas holiday to an exotic (tropical) destination with cosmetic surgery.

A problem with this is, whilst the surgeon may be a qualified and capable individual, the hospitals where the surgery is performed, the instruments used and the implants inserted are sometimes not subjected to the same rigorous standards as those here in Australia. Furthermore, if there is a complication which the patient would like addressed, the surgeon and his/her team are not around to address it.

The advice of Sandhurst Plastic Surgery is that if you are considering this option at least discuss it with one of our surgeons first. We will not try and “out bid” the surgeon you have chosen, or “tell you off” or try and “scare you with horror stories” but will fully inform you of what you should consider before you go on your trip. Please inform the receptionist that this is why you are booking an appointment so that an adequate amount of time can be assigned.