Before Your Initial Consultation

From the moment you book an appointment at Sandhurst Plastic Surgery, we will endeavor to make your journey as efficient as possible. This allows more time for you and our surgeon to concentrate on your medical needs.

After you register for an appointment you will be asked to login to the patient portal; this portal asks you all the questions we need for your file, so that the information is on hand prior to your arrival (the data entered is extremely safe and is protected by our state of the art IT security system).

The day before your appointment you will receive an automated confirmation SMS from our practice management system. If you are being referred by a GP, ask them to either use the online referral system, or fax a copy of the referral to our office at the time you see them.

In the event that you are making an appointment and your GP has not forwarded a copy of a referral letter, please go to the Contact Us section of this website and forward a copy by mail, fax or email.