Reconstructive & Cosmetic Breast Surgery

Breast Augmentation & Implants

Our philosophy at Sandhurst Plastic Surgery is: when it comes to plastic surgery, one size does not fit all. This is especially the case with breast augmentation. There are a number of decisions that need to be made before proceeding with surgery, and in...  Read more.

Breast Reduction & Breast Lift

Breast reduction surgery and breast lift surgery come under the banner of breast rejuvenation. In reality, both breast reduction and breast lift surgery are part of the same spectrum. To a certain extent any individual patient's procedure will have aspects of both, with the...  Read more.

Breast Asymmetry

Breast asymmetry is more common than you think, in fact, it is fair to say that no-one’s body, whether it be their chest, or even their face, is entirely symmetrical. There is significant variation in the degree of size discrepancy that can occur and...  Read more.

Male Breast Reduction

Everyone is born with breast tissue, even men. For various reasons, men can develop small breasts and the breast can be made up of varying proportions of skin, fat and breast tissue depending on the individual and also the cause. Up to two thirds...  Read more.

Breast Reconstruction

Following treatment for breast cancer or in some cases, as a result of risk reduction surgery in genetically susceptible individuals, there are a number of options for breast reconstruction. These can involve implants, using your own tissue or a combination of both. Plastic surgeons...  Read more.