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You may have heard our Radio event last week, announcing the launch of our new skin care range.  This range was developed by Sandhurst Plastic Surgery toWe are excited to announce an exciting new range now available at Sandhurst Plastic Surgery!

After extensive research we have now developed our new skin care range. SPS Gold is a simple daily skin care regime that has been formulated using the best available evidence as published in peer reviewed journals. Products are cosmeceutical grade and exclude known and potentially harmful ingredients. This product is designed not only to be anti-ageing but more importantly to reduce the risk of future damage and potential skin cancers Follow our social media posts as we launch this exciting range of skin care to Sandhurst Plastic Surgery


03 Protect Serve Day Cream

Sandhurst Plastic Surgery (SPS) has been searching for a skin care products that they can whole heartedly endorse. This product range has been formulated on best clinical evidence available and we are confident that it “just works”. These products are based on the GOLD STANDARDS of dermatological care, manufacturing and the packaging process.

Sandhurst Plastic Surgery is located under a kilometre from the original site of the first gold find in the Bendigo area starting the regions gold rush. Two women washing their clothes in the Bendigo Creek where instrumental in providing wealth and livelihood to many generations in the Bendigo goldfields region. At one time making it the home of the richest stock exchangein the world. The site of Sandhurst Plastic Surgery is on the mullock heaps of the Fortuna gold mine and sits in the shadows of George Lansell’s mansion - Fortuna Villa

The people of Central Victoria are hardworking people who through one form or other are reliant on the toils of the land for their community to prosper. Unfortunately this love of the land, soil, and golden sunshine has also served to take a toll on our skin. Sandhurst Plastic Surgery has therefore developed a hard working skin care range to ameliorate, and protect against our harsh environment, without the addition of unnecessary and unproven ingredients. SPS Gold is based on proven science, contains the minimum ingredients required to be effective - therefore reducing irritants) and is Australian made.

The chemical symbol for gold is Au which is taken from the latin “Aurora”. The latin definition “to shine” or “to glow”. SPS Gold is as rich and luxurious as the golden soils that surround us. The products have been formulated with the people of Central Victoria in mind. This range will help to ensure our skin continues to provide the protection we need to allow us to continue to prosper and glow.

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