Flick & Tim from HIT 91.9 @ Sandhurst Plastic Surgery

Posted by Sandhurst Plastic Surgery on 2 April 2018

The Anti-Cancer's "Slip Slop Slap" campaign has seen a generation of people grow up knowing how to limit exposure to cancer causing UV radiation. It is considered one of the most effective public health campaigns in the world. However despite this, Australia still continues to have the highest rates of skin cancer. With Australia’s history of hard physical work and a love of sports and outdoor activity this is hardly surprising. The Cancer Council quotes that on any Summer weekend in Australia one in 8 Adults and one in 5 Teenagers will experience Sunburn.

Last week an enquiry from our Neighbours on the hill at HIT 91.9 FM came through, regarding skin checks. Flick and Tim had been talking about an occasion when Flick’s dog had been biting at a mole of hers on her shoulder, as she believed that he was mistaking it for dog food. Although this was a humorous antidote, many listeners rightly suggested that she should have this checked. The following is a video of what happened next…….



The important take home message is that you should perform a skin check on your self at least yearly and take note of any areas that "look different”. Be sure to have some one help check your scalp, ears, neck and back which are common sites of lesions. Also don’t forget to check your finger and toe nails. If you notice any areas that have changed in shape, size or color, have areas of dark pigment, irregular borders then you should attend your GP for a review and they can organise the appropriate management from there.

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