CoolSculpting has arrived at Sandhurst Plastic Surgery.

Posted by Sandhurst Plastic Surgery on 26 April 2016

We are very excited to announce that CoolSculpting® is now available at Sandhurst Plastic Surgery. Over 3 million treatments have been performed world wide and it is exciting to have the opportunity to offer this to the people of Central Victoria. Over 20 years of scientific and clinical experience has lead to the development of this product which has its developmental origins at Harvard University.

CoolSculpting launching at Sandhurst Plastic Surgery (Bendigo, Central VIC)

CoolSculpting® uses controlled cooling to permanently reduce the number of fat cells in a targeted area, without surgery and with limited down time. CoolSculpting® is not a weight loss program. What CoolSculpting® does do, is remove stubborn deposits of fat from problem areas such as the belly, back, “Love handles," thighs, arms and chins. After the CoolSculpting® treatment the fat undergoes “cryolypolisis" which means the fat cell is permanently broken down by the body through the application of a controlled cooling process. Results may be seen in weeks but ongoing results continue for up to 3 months as the body continues to break down fat cells.

Our fat cell population is mostly set by the end of adolescence. When we gain and lose weight, all that happens is the population of fat cells store more or less fat respectively. The distribution of these fat deposits will not change. Most people notice that despite healthy diet and exercise, they are unable to move stubborn areas of fat. Often it is easy to identify a genetic predilection to this such as having “grandma’s legs” or “dad’s chins”. By permanently removing targeted areas of fat cells, CoolSculpting® is able to redefine our genetic shape. This is the reason that people are so satisfied with the results of this procedure. We will be launching CoolSculpting® in the rooms of Sandhurst Plastic Surgery on 18th May 2016. If you would like to attend our launch or would like further information, please contact the rooms on 03 5443 0294.

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