Posted by on 15 August 2019

A 3 Dimensional Quantitative Analysis of Volume Los Following Ssubmental Cryolipolysis

Hot off the press!

Sandhurst Plastic Surgery is proud and excited to see Dr Broughton Snell and Kelly Spiteri (RN) along with colleagues Dr Mohit Jain and Nick Savage have their work published in the peer reviewed Aesthetic Surgery Journal

The study set out to evaluate the effectiveness of a single treatment to the area under the chin with Coolsculpting technology. Patients underwent 3D photography and the volume of fat loss was recorded. The overall fat loss was on average approximately 20% volume reduction. - which equated to about 5 teaspoons of fat!

The study also looked at how satisfied patients were with their outcomes using a scientifically validated questionnaire. “Results indicate that 76% of the respondents were pleased with their results, 66% thought the results turned out great, 57% of the respondents expressed they were surprised to see how good they looked n the mirror and 38% and 42% thought the results were either fantastic or miraculous”. Jain et al (2019)

Coolsculpting is a targeted fat reduction treatment that uses controlled fat cooling to cause programmed fat cell destruction through “cryolypolysis”. This study looked at treating the “Submental” area, which is the area under the chin. At Sandhurst Plastic Surgery we have witnessed similar results and patient satisfaction in treatment of other areas of the body. These areas include stomach, flanks, arms, inner and outer thighs and the male chest. If you would like more information or if you would like to find out if Coolsculpting is right for you then contact the rooms to make a time for a consultation.