$8990 Breast Augmentation Surgery In Bendigo

Posted by Sandhurst Plastic Surgery on 12 June 2015

EXCITING & UNUSUAL DESTINATIONS, COCKTAILS & 5-START HOTELS - IS IT TIME TO EXPERIENCE THE EXTRAORDINARY? As the number of Australians jet setting to exotic locations for breast implant surgery increases each year, now is the perfect time to ponder good reasons for staying closer to home for cosmetic surgery & high quality post-operative care.


Adventure... exposure to new and unique cultures... venturing into the unknown... There are many reasons to travel to new and exotic locations, but to have invasive plastic surgery should not be one of them. It is the comparatively cheap overall cost that is sighted as a primary reason for hundreds of Australians venturing overseas for breast implant surgery each year. However, with the risks involved, lack of regulation and standards, and the many related “unknowns”, there are good reasons for considering staying closer to home for cosmetic surgery. At Sandhurst Plastic Surgery Bendigo, just a stone’s throw from Melbourne, breast augmentation surgery can be performed from as little as $7990, all inclusive.

Choose safety and good care for breast implant surgery - save suntans and cocktails for your next holiday!

Women nowadays opt to have breast augmentation surgery for a variety of reasons. These include substantial weight loss or loss of volume after breastfeeding, but the goal is normally to enhance overall self image. Whatever the reason for considering having breast implant surgery, it is essential that your surgery is undertaken by a fully qualified plastic surgeon within a properly accredited medical facility. Sandhurst Plastic Surgery operates in world class, accredited medical facilities with highly skilled medical staff and the best anaesthetists. At our first class facility located in Bendigo, just over an hour from Melbourne, Victoria, you can expect to receive individual care tailored to your needs by fully qualified and caring medical staff.

Whilst it is purported that many of the surgeons offering cheap breast implant surgery in overseas facilities are internationally trained and accredited, really there is no way to ascertain the level of care you will be offered and whether the surgeon’s skills and ability are in line with international standards. It is definitely worth noting that a recent survey conducted by ASPS (Australian Society of Plastic Surgery) showed that breast implant surgery was the most common kind of surgery conducted overseas requiring corrective treatment and with some patients finding themselves caught off guard, with no back up plan in case things do go wrong.

In Australia, the current benchmark for standards of quality surgery and care, is set by the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons (RACS), of which Mr Broughton Snell is a fellow. This body ensures that all surgeons have undergone extensive education and training and are highly skilled to carry out breast implant surgery with the best possible outcomes for patients. Mr Snell is also a member of the Australian Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) and is dedicated to maintaining the integrity of plastic surgery by ensuring the highest standards are adhered to.

Of course, high quality, post operative care is a primary concern for many women considering undergoing breast implant surgery, and this standard of care is profoundly lacking following many of the 'boob jobs' offered as part of attractive 'medical tourism' packages being offered. At Sandhurst Plastic Surgery, follow up appointments will be booked prior to your procedure with your surgeon, our practice nurse and therapist and your recovery will be closely monitored to ensure the best outcome following your breast surgery procedure. Your post operative care at Sandhurst Plastic Surgery is of paramount importance to us and our goal is to help you achieve your desired outcome following breast implant surgery.

Doesn't ‘one size fit all’?

So, madam, will it be silicone or saline? Contoured or round? Or perhaps, teardrop?

Once you’ve decided to have your breast implants surgery within Australia and have selected a qualified surgeon who you’re comfortable with, and a suitable facility, the choices don’t end there. And it’s most definitely not a case of ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to breast implants.

There are various decisions that need to be made prior to breast surgery, including options for breast implants regarding not only size, but also material, shape and surface, as well as the type of incision used. At times women can feel overwhelmed when confronting these decisions. At Sandhurst Plastic Surgery, we take the stress away by guiding you through the decision making process via frank and open discussions about your personal preferences. In consultation with the plastic surgeon, you will be carefully guided through this process of decision making so that you are clear about what you want to achieve from your surgery and what is realistically possible following a comprehensive clinical examination of your frame and measurements. Our desire is to assist you in making truly informed decisions regarding the optimal implants that perfectly complement your dimensions.

Breast implants and safety

Unlike overseas medical facilities offering cheap “boob jobs”, Australia regulatory bodies set rigorous quality control requirements for breast implants, which can help alay fears of breast implants “going wrong”. At Sandhurst Plastic Surgery we only use breast implants that have a known track record of safety and that have been subjected to rigorous scientific and technical testing and are manufactured to the high standard expected by surgeons and patients alike. Furthermore, all patients will have their implants registered on the ASPS Breast Device Registry, thus providing a method of tracking any safety issues that may arise in the future. This in itself is a good reason to stay closer to home for breast implant surgery, providing patients with peace of mind.

Your journey begins here

Currently prices for a ‘boob job’ in Melbourne are around $15,000 by Melbourne plastic surgeons. But just a short distance from Melbourne, at Sandhurst Plastic Surgery Bendigo we are offering an amazing package for breast implant surgery - only $8,990, including implants, facility fee, anaesthetist and surgeon’s fee, all at a world class medical facility, performed by Mr Broughton Snell, a highly qualified, experienced and caring plastic surgeon. If you are considering breast augmentation surgery, please contact us to arrange for a non obligatory consultation today. We will openly discuss your desires and expectations and give you ample information to make an educated decision. So play it safe and make Bendigo Victoria your choice for the highest quality consultation, surgery and post-operative care, all for the inclusive price of $7,990!

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