About Sandhurst Plastic Surgery

Sandhurst Plastic Surgery is a specialist practice with a philosophy centred around delivery of care without compromise in regional Australia. Its founders, Mr Broughton Snell and Ms Jane Sutton have both worked in many public and private centres around the world and both came to the realisation that the practice of healthcare needed an overhaul. Together they designed a system of clinical protocols that ensure that patients who require treatment are managed according to global best practice standards. In addition to this, with carefully designed protocols incorporating strict data collection, the performance of the medical and allied health staff at Sandhurst Plastic Surgery is monitored to ensure patient safety and to optimise outcomes. All clinical staff are actively involved in research and further education in both the basic science and clinical science arenas, keeping them abreast of innovation in their chosen disciplines.

The team at Sandhurst Plastic Surgery all favor collaboration over competition and as such, are always open to discussion and opinion from other specialists and practitioners. It is this attitude that promotes development of medical and surgical care and fosters a collegiate environment that is also conducive to education at all levels of medical training.

Patient education is considered to be of paramount importance at Sandhurst Plastic Surgery. All patients undergoing procedures will be given education in what to expect before, during and after their operation. In addition to this, the specialist surgeons have designed a patient care summary that all patients and their GPs receive upon completion of the treatment program. Keeping patients and their primary care practitioner informed, ensures that ongoing care and monitoring is maintained. For GPs, regular education sessions are scheduled throughout the year to ensure that updates to care are disseminated through the medical community.